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Army Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) Program 


We are looking for dedicated, experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches (SCCs)

and Cognitive Performance Specialists (CPSs) to function as integrated members of Brigade-based multidisciplinary teams focused on optimizing Soldier readiness and performance.

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Mr. Shawn Snow

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As a Director for Patriot Enterprises, I represent our company’s commitment to ensure the Army’s vision of providing Soldiers un-paralleled holistic health and training support to fully maximize Readiness is realized. Patriot has harnessed all corporate resources to identify experienced and motivated Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Cognitive Performance Specialists with the skills and presence to proactively improve individual Soldier readiness, optimize physical and non-physical performance, reduce injury rates, and increase overall effectiveness of the Total Army. As the H2F Program becomes fully operational,Patriot is excited at the prospect of supporting the Army in this new and bold endeavor. 

Mission Focus


Patriot Enterprises is exclusively focused on supporting the military community and human capital programs, especially those that focus on improving mental and physical resilience.