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The U.S. Army is modernizing its approach to enterprise-wide Soldier readiness with the implementation of the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) Program. The H2F Program is a systematic approach that combines all aspects of physical and non-physical human performance optimization to include physical training, mental performance skills, sleep optimization, and nutrition. This integrated human performance system represents a cultural shift in the way the Army trains and develops Soldiers, enhancing readiness across the Total Army.

The comprehensive H2F system employs interdisciplinary teams that include Strength and Conditioning Coaches (SCCs) and Cognitive Performance Specialists (CPSs) integrated at the unit level. SCCs and CPSs will assist in developing and providing purposeful, immersive training for units and individual Soldiers within them.

The Army is planning to implement the interdisciplinary H2F model Army-wide using a phased approach. It is anticipated that this portion of the H2F program will begin with staffing contractor SCCs and CPSs for units at 5 locations beginning in mid-2021 and expanding contractor SCC and CPS staff over a three year period to encompass a total of 14 locations by mid-2023.

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