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What is the H2F (Holistic Health and Fitness) program?

The U.S. Army continues to modernize its approach to fitness and health to shape a more ready and resilient force. This initiative is the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) program. The H2F program focuses on all aspects of human performance optimization (HPO). This includes physical training, mental performance skills, sleep optimization, and nutrition. As a result, the H2F program concentrates on building a healthy and resilient soldier. It prepares soldiers to withstand the rigors and demands of combat, and the demands of realistic training.

H2F is similar to other programs developed within the special operations communities. It employs interdisciplinary teams to coach and develop personnel within the Brigade Combat Team (BCT). The H2F initiative aims to replicate the effects of special operations programs, at scale, across the Army. Currently, the Army plans to implement the interdisciplinary H2F model across the majority of units, regardless of warfighting function. The goal is to create a climate and culture focused on growth and performance. This will yield soldiers who are mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for the demands of training and combat.

Where will this work take place?

Most work will be performed either at the Army Brigade (BDE)’s Soldier Performance Readiness Center (SPRC) or in a Military training environment (i.e., fitness centers/gyms, Brigade facilities or administrative areas, outdoors, shooting ranges, field training environments). Strength & Conditioning Coaches (SCCs)/Cognitive Performance Specialists (CPSs) shall be required to observe BDE and below (i.e. Battalion, company, platoon, squad, team) specific training events. SCCs/CPSs must be physically able to hike austere environments and terrain (i.e. rocky, no running water, no shelter, no bathroom, no climate control, inclement weather, loud, smoky) while carrying their own backpack with necessary supplies on occasion.

Will I be offered medical benefits, paid vacation and paid holidays?

Yes. Full time staff will be provided a comprehensive set of benefits, vacation, and holiday pay.

What are the key requirements for success?

  • You need a passion for serving the military so that service members can continue to focus on what they do best - serving and defending this nation’s freedom.
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate with fellow H2F Systems operators. Human performance optimization requires professionals specially trained who are proficient in working with experts in different specialties to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Be approachable and ready to connect with service members and families with the most appropriate resources to address their issue(s).
  • Able to demonstrate understanding, sensitivity, and empathy for service members and their families, including the ability to develop trusting relationships and to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.